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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Withdrawals & Withdrawal in Extenuating Circumstances

When and why should a student withdraw?

If you believe you are not going to complete a course successfully, you may be able to formally withdraw to avoid a failing grade.

You can withdraw from a course after the add/drop deadline up to the withdrawal deadline without a refund. A grade will not be issued, but a "W" will appear on your transcript. This will not affect your Grade Point Average (GPA).

What is a withdrawal in extenuating circumstances?

Prior to the last day of the term, students who completely withdraw from all of their courses due to extenuating circumstances may be refunded a portion of their fees.

If you need to withdraw due to extenuating circumstances, submit a completed withdrawal in extenuating circumstances form to Enrolment Services.

Withdrawals Policy ED 3-0
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