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The Writing Centre

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the Writing Centre can assist you by providing feedback on your writing. Students may receive help with any stage of the writing process: assignment interpretation; generating ideas; creating an outline; lower-order concerns such as sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation; higher-order concerns such as clarity of ideas and soundness of arguments; research and citation; and revision and editing. Our goal is to encourage students to realize their strengths, make critical choices about their writing, and discover their authentic voice!

We offer in-person (face-to-face) appointments in OM 1411 as well as online, virtual appointments (synchronous and asynchronous).

In the Writing Centre, we are actively working towards decolonizing academic writing processes and spaces. Part of this includes acknowledging – and pushing back against – the impacts of colonialism and systemic/institutional racism. Drawing inspiration from Chavez (2021), we seek to listen, to focus on relationships, to inspire students to develop their authentic voice, to diversify our resources and our thinking about writing structures, and to redefine what “improvement” or “success” looks like in writing. We also consider the words or language we use carefully: as writing centre tutors and staff, we recognize the power – and danger – of words. Acknowledging territory in a way that is meaningful is important…as long as it is tied to action. We hope this spoken word poem (arguably, a format that is the antithesis of “academic” (read: white, mainstream) writing) land acknowledgement encourages YOU to think about language, your positionality and responsibility…and popping into the TRU Writing Centre to say hello!

The Writing Centre is offering virtual synchronous workshops throughout the semester.

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Creative Writing Fridays

  • Calling all creative writers! The Writing Centre is open on Fridays from 1:00pm – 2:00 pm for drop-in creative writing sessions.
  • Join a community of fellow writers for tea, snacks, and encouragement! Students will have the opportunity to write to a prompt, work on their own writing projects, and receive feedback.

What students can expect from the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre acknowledges that the writing process is "an inherently imperfect, ongoing process fraught with insecurity" (Chavez, 2021, p. 172).

Writing Centre tutors are trained to:

  • ask questions
  • listen carefully
  • highlight your strengths
  • encourage you to build your writing skills by providing explanations, examples, and resources
  • avoid "editing" or "correcting" an entire paper

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