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Filing Taxes

Most TRU students get a Tuition Tax Receipt (T2202). You need this when filing your income tax. You can find it in myTRU by the end of February. It does not come in the mail.

T2202s are not issued in the following situations:

  • You are enrolled in a university preparation or high school equivalency English as a Second Language program and therefore not studying at the post-secondary level.
  • You have paid $100 or less in tuition and fees.

Questions and answers

 What information is in a T2202?

A T2202 is a Tuition and Enrolment Certificate. This form displays the eligible tuition fees paid during a tax year and the number of months a student was enrolled in part-time and/or full-time studies.

 How do I obtain a copy of my T2202A for a previous tax year?

Canada Revenue Agency requires us to provide past information for a period of at least six years from the end of the last tax year.

Tax receipts for the years prior to 2010 are no longer available.

For the 2010 tax year to 2018, T2202As are available on myTRU.

 What if I don't have a myTRU account or don't remember my username and password?

All TRU students have a myTRU account.
See myTRU Help if you are having trouble logging in.

 Why is the amount on my T2202 different from the amount I paid?

There are a few possible explanations:

  • One or more of the courses you took are not eligible. To receive a tax receipt, the course must be equal to a certain number of credits or hours.
  • Not all tuition and related fees are tax deductible. For a list of eligible fees, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Your course or program is not at the post-secondary level. T2202 receipts are only issued for post-secondary courses. For example, receipts are not issued for Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses or an English as a Second Language program.
  • Tuition fees for courses spanning one calendar year to the next are pro-rated to each applicable year. This situation is common for Open Learning courses or trades programs. For example, a course with an eight month completion time starting in November is recorded 25% on the tax receipt for the year when the course started and 75% on the receipt for the following year.
  • You may have outstanding fees. T2202 forms will only be issued for eligible amounts that have been paid.

If the points above do not apply to your situation and your tuition tax form still doesn't reflect the amount of tuition you paid, contact TRU: TRU on-campus students, email, TRU-OL students, email

 Why does my T2202 show the tuition I paid but does not show the number of months I was enrolled?

This can happen if you were in a course that lasted less than 3 weeks, if the course is "non-transcriptable" (would not appear on a TRU transcript) or if your studies were not at the post-secondary level.

 Is there a textbook allowance?

For information on this and other tax regulations, please refer to the CRA document Students and Income Tax.

 For the Education amount on my T2202 (Tuition and Education Certificate), am I considered a full-time or part-time student?

To be considered a full-time student, the following criteria must be met:

  • A qualifying education program is defined in the Income Tax Act as a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 10 hours of instruction or work in the program each week (not including study time). Instruction or work includes lectures, practical training and laboratory work.

To be considered a part-time student, the following criteria must be met:

  • A specified education program is defined in the Income Tax Act as a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires at least 12 hours of instruction each month.
 The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has contacted me because they need an explanation about my "Undeclared" program. What do I need to do?

You can print a letter of clarification for the CRA from myTRU where you accessed your T2202.

 Why is the address shown on my T2202 not correct?

The active address we have for you in our records at the time of preparation was used on your T2202. Given that a T2202 is only available through myTRU they are not mailed out, TRU will not reproduce a T2202 for an address change. If the address used is either incorrect, or missing, please go to myTRU and update your information for future correspondence.

 After reading all the information on this website, I still have a question or need my T2202 receipt printed, whom should I contact?

If you were enrolled in Kamloops or Williams Lake campus courses send your request to If you were enrolled through Open Learning, send your request to

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