Meet the Team


  • Julie Taylor

    Julie Taylor
    Manager of Student


    Julie has been at TRU since 2010 where she oversaw the Global Competency certificate. She then moved into a role within the Center for Student Engagement, was a Learning Strategist- Orientation & Transitions and now the Manager of Student Life. Julie completed her education at UBC with a Bachelor of Education and worked in SD73 for many years before TRU. In her spare time Julie can be found exploring the outdoors, playing soccer, working out, or spending quality time with her son.

  • Kayla Sanford

    Kayla Sanford
    Learning Strategist
    Orientation & Transitions


    Kayla (she/her) has been supporting TRU students’ personal, social, and academic success through their first year since 2018 and has received the TRUSU Student Success award for demonstrating excellence in supporting students. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Science (Co-op, Biology) at TRU. As a mental health advocate, she is passionate about reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions. When Kayla is not in the office, she enjoys painting, making music, being outdoors, and listening to Taylor Swift.


  • Kayla Sanford

    Kayla Sanford
    Program of Study: BSc & BA
    Fun Fact: I've completed a semester doing Co-op Abroad in Costa Rica. While there I worked with nesting Olive Ridley sea turtles and their hatchlings.

  • Nicolás Bosworth

    Nicolás Bosworth
    Program of Study: BA
    Fun Fact: I am obsessed with bees. I think they are the cutest thing on Earth, and must be protected at all costs!

  • Gabby Jimenez

    Gabby Jimenez
    Program of Study: BBA
    Fun Fact: Passionate about meeting others and learning about others' cultures I loves to play the guitar and travelling. My dream is to swim with sharks at open sea.

  • Lince Tomy

    Lince Tomy
    Program of Study: BA
    Fun Fact: : I love to play different sports and love to watch anime! If you see me around campus, be sure to challenge me in a game of table tennis!

  • Emily Fagg

    Emily Fagg
    Program of Study: BSc
    Fun Fact: I love to travel - I used to live in Australia and New Zealand and can't wait to study abroad in the future!

  • Natalie Pietramala

    Natalie Pietramala
    Program of Study: BSc
    Fun Fact: I am currently restoring a 1966 Volkswagen Beatle.


  • Krixia Padilla

    Krixia Padilla
    Program of Study: BBA
    Fun Fact: I like to call myself an aerophile princess because I like airplanes and aviation lots. Also, I'm a foodie so I'm always on the look out for the best tiramisu in town! See you on campus!

  • Leah Rousseau

    Leah Rousseau
    Program of Study: BSc
    Fun Fact: I have been dancing ballet since I was 7 years old. I am still very passionate about dance. It is my favorite way to destress and get some exercise after a busy day at school.

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