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Applying for financial assistance

Contact Student Awards & Financial Aid for part-time or full-time application forms and information.

Phone: 1-800-663-9711 Ext. 4 (toll-free in Canada) or 250-852-6802 (Kamloops and international)
Fax: 250-371-5668

  • Submit part-time application forms to the Student Awards & Financial Aid office. Faxed copies are not accepted.
  • Submit full-time application forms online at StudentAidBC.
  • Students making up a full-time course load from more than one institution or TRU division, including on-campus courses at TRU Kamloops or Williams Lake (split-enrolled), must inform Student Awards or the financial aid office of each institution before registering.

Residency requirements

Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for financial assistance. Detailed information about residency requirements can be found at StudentAidBC.

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