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Online learning tools

Read&Write Software

Freely available to all students for at-home use, this program can read PDFs, Word documents, and webpages out loud, including Moodle content. It includes a dictation feature called Talk&Type, so you aren't limited to your keyboard when writing. It can also help you make more efficient study notes, provide word prediction when writing essays and reports, and so much more. Read&Write is freely available (and completely optional) to all TRU students, staff, and faculty, and can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Have a look at Read&Write for more information. You’ll see instructions to download Read&Write. Please sign in to Read&Write with the Microsoft option, and use your TRU email address.
  2. After you’ve installed Read&Write, feel free to play around with the program and see what it can do. If you find it helpful to learn from videos, we recommend a great YouTube playlist that goes over the features in more detail. IT Services has more resources on the Read&Write software.

If you have any questions about Read&Write, or encounter compatibility issues with Moodle or other online content, please don’t hesitate to email the Assistive Technology Specialist at

Accessible Online Teaching Tips for Faculty

Helpful Apps and Browser Extensions for Students

Please note: TRU does not officially endorse any of the following apps or extensions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully for any app, and use at your own discretion.

For relaxation and mental health management
Accessibility Apps

Information on Disabilities

General Information
Resources for faculty
Learning disability information
Learning strategy information
Disability and career-related information

Assistive Technology Resources

General Links
Accessibility Technology & Tools
Assistive technology videos
K3000 v13
K1000 v13
Dragon Naturallly Speaking V12
JAWS for Windows

Creating a Universal Classroom

Accessibility Services strives to create classrooms that transcend physical or mental capabilities and learning styles. These are known as universal classrooms. Watch the videos below to create universal classrooms of your own.

Effective Teaching Methods
Characteristics of Learning Disabilities and Impact on Educational Outcomes

Universal Design and Principles of Effective Instruction
Universal Design Methods and Technology in the Learning Environment
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