Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

A Multi-Faith Chaplaincy on campus provides religious and spiritual care to the TRU community’s students, faculty and staff. They provide an operating model of interfaith respect and cooperation. The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy acts as a religious and spiritual resource, encouraging thoughtful reflection and dialogue. TRU also provides a Multi-Faith Space where members of our TRU community can reflect, pray and meditate. A Multi-Faith Calendar is available to share when specific observances take place.

Aims and objectives

  • To participate in and contribute to all aspects of TRU experience from a religious or spiritual perspective
  • To provide religious and spiritual care for the diverse membership of the TRU community
  • To work as a team, exemplifying multi-faith dialogue and cooperation
  • To serve co-operatively with TRU’s Student Services Counselling, Wellness Centre and other support service providers
  • To support and encourage members of the TRU community in their relationships with the broader community in respect of religious or spiritual interests and concerns

What we offer

  • Spiritual or religious supports and encouragement
  • Guidance and resources in times of personal concern, conflict or crisis
  • Opportunities for companionship, prayer, study and service on campus
  • Participation in educational events related to spiritual and religious insight and experience
  • Celebration of holy days and commemorative occasions
  • Connection with local and regional faith communities and events on and off campus

How to get in touch with us

General Inquiries:

Phone: 250-371-5940
In person: Old Main, OM 1421

Inquiries to specific Chaplains

Send an email to one of our Chaplains listed below.

Who we are

Adele Huculak (Chair) Roman Catholic
Walter Hayashi Alliance
Narayan Mitra Baptist
Jeff Torrans Baptist
Kerry Hegedus Bible Truth
Pat Davies Centre for Spiritual Living
Ani Gawa Khandro GawaLing Buddhist
Ahmed K.  Kamloops Islamic Association
Jane Gingrich Lutheran
Fr. Chad Pawlyshyn Ukrainian Orthodox


  • Multi Faith Calendar — This is a Google calendar tracking different spiritual observances — find out if there is a celebration or observance today.
  • Multi Faith Space — This is where you can find out more information about TRU's Multi Faith Space, a quiet place where you can participate in your spiritual practice.