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Final Exams

In-person final examinations for Open Learning courses are now available.

Please note that virtual examinations will continue to be offered, whenever possible. We have heard overwhelmingly from students that they wish to maintain the flexibility and convenience of writing exams at home in a virtual setting.

Our intention is to provide the choice of in-person examinations for students for whom it may not be feasible or desirable to take advantage of the online proctoring option. The in-person options will still require students to take the exam at an approved testing centre or location. Students will be responsible for any fees charged by testing centres or locations.

Currently, most Open Learning courses have a virtual final exam that can be taken from home via ProctorU at any time that is convenient. If your course has a “final exam” tab in Moodle, please refer to that for information about how to apply.

If your course currently does not have a virtual final exam (and does not have a final project instead), there will be an alternative assessment available to you. These will be phased out as we develop new exams that, in most cases, will allow for virtual and in-person options.

To apply for this alternate assessment, complete all the required coursework. Then, email by the 12th of the month in the month you plan to write the exam. For example, to apply to write your exam in August, send an email with the subject line “August Exams” by Aug. 12.

If you have any questions in general, please email

Student Exam Procedures

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