Open Learning Student Forms

Some PDFs must be downloaded to your computer, then opened and filled with Adobe Acrobat.


Academic Appeals

Use this form to review academic decisions with your Open Learning Faculty Member, and to proceed through the required steps to a formal academic appeal.

Application for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation after completion of certificate, diploma or degree requirements. This is done through myTRU.

  1. Log into myTRU
  2. Look for the "My Academic Record" section and click the "Apply to graduate" link.
  3. Follow the directions - check the box within the online form to RSVP Convocation
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Calendar Request/Information Update

  • Use this form to request the current print calendar, course and program information, and financial aid application forms.
  • Complete and submit the secure online form or fax or mail the completed PDF form to Enrolment Services.
  • You may update your personal data online (address, phone number, email address) through myTRU, or fax or mail the completed form to Enrolment Services.
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Cancellation/Withdrawal Request

  • Use this form to cancel your registration or withdraw from courses delivered by OL or UVic before the deadline stated in your welcome letter.
  • Complete and submit the secure online form or fax or mail the completed PDF form to Enrolment Services.
  • This form is not applicable for online courses taken in campus-based programs.
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Course Extension Fee Waiver Request

Use this form to request a course extension with fee waiver.

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Course Extension Request

  • Log into myTRU
  • Look for the "Open Learning Services" section and click the "Course extension request" link.
  • If you are unable to use the online form, use the PDF form below and fax or mail it to our office before your course completion deadline.
  • Only one extension of 18 weeks duration per course is possible for continuous, self-paced courses. A fee will be charged for this service.
  • In order to be considered for a course extension, you must have submitted at least one assignment, project or exam prior to submitting the Course Extension Request.
  • If you are taking OL courses delivered by UVic, be aware that extensions are not normally granted but you may contact the relevant institution to discuss extensions and exceptional circumstances.
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Course Registration

Register online or fax or mail the completed form to Enrolment Services to register in courses.

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Exam Application Request

  • Log into myTRU
  • Look for the "Open Learning Services" section and click the "Exam applications" link.
  • Applications for BC and CIN applications as well as change requests are submitted using the online application through myTRU.
  • Students unable to write at a BC examination centre or one of the centres on TRU-OL's Canadian Invigilator Network (CIN) need to complete the Statement of Presiding Supervisor Form.
  • Only active courses with a final exam component will be available to submit the exam application request.
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Letter of Permission Request

  • Students admitted to a TRU program offered through Open Learning who plan to take a course from a provider other than OL must first apply for a Letter of Permission.
  • One Letter of Permission per semester, per institution is required for such courses.
  • Students who do not obtain a Letter of Permission risk taking a course that may not be transferable as suitable credit to their TRU program and will be required to pay the transcript assessment fee.
  • Fax or mail the completed form to Enrolment Services. Students are responsible for paying any required admission fees to the transferring institution.

Marked Assignment Form

Students may use this form to submit their course assignments. Download and complete the PDF and mail it along with your assignment or email it as an attachment.

Name Change Request

If you have legally changed your name, use this form to update your name with TRU and OL.

Program Admission

  • Use the online form if you are intending to complete a credential through TRU. Select Apply Now and Create an Account or Log in if you already have an account. Under Program Selection choose the earliest dates so that you can view and select the Open Learning program you wish to apply for.
  • This form records your personal and contact information, academic history and program selection in addition to some other required information.
  • To successfully apply online for a TRU program, you are required to pay an application fee using a credit card. If you can’t use a credit card please apply by email, mail or fax using the PDF Program Admission form below. Please note that Open Learning programs require additional fees. After submitting your application, you will receive an email in 2-4 business days stating the remaining fees that you owe. Visit the TRU-OL Tuition and Fees page for more information.
  • International students who want to take an online and distance program through Open Learning can apply using the PDF form. Once completed, email, mail or fax the form to OL Admissions with the appropriate fees. International students taking Open Learning programs study online and by distance from their country of residence.
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Receipt Request

  • This request form is designed for Open Learning students who need a receipt for monetary reimbursement or personal, non-tax related, use.

Self-Introduction to Open Learning Faculty Member

  • You are encouraged to complete all or part of this form and send it to your Open Learning Faculty Member as soon as possible.
  • Download and complete the Microsoft Word form and email it as an attachment to your Open Learning Faculty Member or complete and mail the PDF form.
  • Open Learning Faculty Member contact information is provided in your welcome letter or in most web-based courses through the Mail function in Blackboard.
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Sponsorship Form - Open Learning

  • Students who will be paying for their program or courses through a sponsor must use this form.
  • Students should ask their sponsor to fill out the form and mail or fax it to Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning using the contact information provided on the form.
  • The cover letter should be on the sponsor's letterhead.
  • TRU will not invoice your sponsor directly. Sponsored students are responsible for the outstanding balance on their student account at all times. Students must communicate details of charges to their sponsor and arrange for payment of fees. Students may obtain account information through the myTRU student portal.

Statement of Presiding Supervisor

  • This form applies to students unable to write at a BC examination centre or one of the centres on TRU-OL's Canadian Invigilator Network (CIN).
  • Students intending to write their examination outside of Canada are required to contact TRU-OL Examinations.
  • Students able to write at a BC examination centre must apply through the Exam Applications link in myTRU
  • Fax or email the completed PDF form if you are residing more than 100 km from the nearest examination centre, residing outside BC, are incarcerated, have special accommodations or are requesting to write outside the examination session dates.
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Third Party Waiver/Release of Information

Transcript Request

  • You can order transcripts through myTRU (look for the Academic Transcript section). If you have trouble logging in, please contact the IT Service Desk at 1-888-852-8533 or
  • Using the student portal is the fastest way, with the transcript normally mailed out the next business day.
  • You can also order by mail or in person, but these take more time.
  • It may take up to five business days to process a transcript request.
  • For official transcripts cost, see Tuition and Fees; you can pay by credit card.
  • If a letter grade is visible in the student portal, the grade will appear on the official transcript.
  • Any courses that are not completed will show up as "In Progress" on the transcript.
  • Transcripts cannot be delay-ordered for a future date; transcripts are sent when a request is made.
  • More about ordering transcripts is at Official Transcripts.

Withdrawal in Extenuating Circumstances

Use this form to request a medical or exceptional withdrawal.

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