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Course Schedule

The course schedule is the comprehensive list of all courses currently offered at TRU for fall, winter and summer semesters.

For campus based course offerings go to myTRU and select registration.

Online course offerings can be viewed here.

Definitions and terms

A talk given by an instructor to a class. Students usually take notes during the lecture and may be tested on the material during a mid term or final exam.

Lecture sections
Numbered 01, 02, …, 90, 91, … in the schedule. Sections numbered 01, 02, etc. are one semester in length. Sections numbered 90, 91, etc. are two semesters in length.

A supervised class which is less structured than a lecture. Seminar classes typically include discussions on assigned reading, class presentations and group activities.

A supervised class where students do hands-on work applying the theory learned in lectures.

Seminar or lab sections
If there is a seminar or lab for your lecture, the required hours will be listed in the vectoring and Course Description. Select the seminar or lab that best fits your timetable.

Course Registration Number - a unique number given to each lecture section, seminar and lab. Write this number down on your timetable/worksheet.

Registration priority
The order in which students can register for courses. Priority is given to students in upper years and students who apply early for admission. For details on how priority is determined, visit Registration Priority.

Another course or some other requirement which must be met prior to enrolling in a course. Course prerequisites are listed in the course schedule and in the TRU Calendar course description area.

Another course or requirement which must be completed at the same time as the course you are enrolled in. Course co-requisites are listed in the course schedule and in the TRU Calendar course description area.

Indicates when the class is scheduled.

Indicates which days of the week the class is scheduled (you must attend all days noted).

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
N Sunday

  1. Course name: detailed class information that includes seat availability and waitlisted seats (e.g. Computer Programming 1)
  2. Vectoring: structure of the course, how many hours per week the course has scheduled lectures, seminars, labs. (e.g. 3 hours of lectures, 1 hour of seminars, 1 hour of labs).
  3. CRN: course registration number (e.g. 20432)
  4. Course number and section: the course number (e.g. COMP 1130) and section number (e.g. – 01)
  5. Associated term: the term the course is offered (e.g. Fall 2023)
Course Schedule Lecture
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