Orientation and Transitions

Orientation and Transitions offers a multitude of educational experiences for new-to-TRU students, providing insights on all aspects of university life. The goal is to support students with academic, personal, and social success. The team plans TRU Orientation, email communications to new-to-TRU students with just-in-time information, and social functions.

Location: OM 1241
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone: 250-371-5942
orientation@tru.ca (for orientation inquiries)
studentlife@tru.ca (for transitions inquiries)

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How to survive and thrive in group projects

 Learn from Robin and Dea's experiences on how to successfully navigate the process from the first meeting to completion of the assignment.

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picture of the two winners

Star co-op students discuss campus supports

Narshvin Doorganah and Katelyn Zubak share how Career & Experiential Learning helped them carve out their professional pathway.

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Notepad and Pen

New-to-TRU student prepares for Job Fair

Networking events can be intimidating for introverted folks; discover ways to connect with the help of Career & Experiential Learning.

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Picture of hand writing.

Becoming a better writer with the Writing Centre

Find out how you can utilize the valuable supports offered by the TRU Writing Centre.

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