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Student Recognition

Neil Russell Student Leadership Award

The Neil Russell Student Leadership Award honours TRU students who have demonstrated leadership and have made outstanding contributions to TRU, their communities and/or the society-at-large. This award is given in recognition of Neil Russell, former TRU VP Student Affairs and VP Academic, for his dedication to student achievement and leadership.

Michael Harrington

Congratulations to Michael Harrington, winner of the 2022 Neil Russell Student Leadership Award.

Michael was nominated by faculty members Jenna Goddard and Elizabeth Templeman and is recognized for his passion and enthusiasm for Law, for learning, and for mentoring. Michael has a strong commitment to helping those around him succeed, by creating cohesive communities to equalize opportunities and share in the joy of learning. Through this, Michael has made great contributions to his work as a Writing Centre Tutor and Peer Academic Coach, Cplul’kw’ten volunteer, and the first Law Faculty Tutor.

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The successful candidate will receive a monetary award of $1000 and will be honoured at the Distinguished Alumni Dinner.

Note: A student may not nominate oneself for this award. Nominators must be a faculty or staff member of Thompson Rivers University.


A complete application package must include the following completed documents and be sent to Umme Mansoory at no later than the first Wednesday in March by 4:00 pm.

Nominator Form along with two, 300-500 word responses to the information requested on the nominator form.

Co-Nominator Form along with a 300-500 word response to the information requested on the co-nominator form.

Nominee form along with a 300-500 word response to the information requested on the nominee form.

TRU Peer Leader of the Month Recognition Award

The TRU Peer Leader of the Month Award recognizes one or two Peer Leader(s) per month from September to April of each academic year for contributions they have made to their mentees, peer leader group, the TRU community, and/or the broader Kamloops community. This award recognizes the diverse contributions made by peer leaders and rewards students who exemplify attributes such as passion, leadership, resilience, excellence, creativity, and empathy.

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If you are a Peer Leader Coordinator and have questions regarding nominating a peer leader, please contact Umme Mansoory at

Nominate a Peer Leader

TRU Peer Leaders of the Month

April 2022

Julye-Anne Mckenny
Julye-Anne Mckenny

Tutor at TRU Writing Centre

Congratulations to Julye-Anne Mckenny, for being recognized as April's Peer Mentor of the Month! Julye-Anne has been an invaluable member of the Writing Centre Tutor team since October 2019. Whether Julye-Anne is connecting with students or colleagues, she is recognized for her resilience, empathy and outstanding ability to connect with others.

March 2022

Hanna Conradi
Hanna Conradi

Student Wellness Ambassador and TRU Student Life Marketing Assistant

Congratulations to Hanna Conradi! As a Student Wellness Ambassador and TRU Student Life marketing assistant, Hanna is an incredibly patient, compassionate, and committed individual. Whether making reels, planning a clothing swap, facilitating naloxone training, or offering a warm welcome, Hanna's dedication to making TRU a safer and more accessible space truly exemplifies her courage, bravery and commitment. Learn more about peer mentorship here.

February 2022

Loghan Eskritt
Juliana Hermiston

Peer Academic Coach

Congratulations to Juliana Hermiston for being recognized as February’s Peer Mentor of the Month! Juliana, in her quiet way, has made such impressive contributions to other students this year. As a Peer Academic Coach, her support has benefitted six individuals. As a leader, she's supported groups of students with the challenges of studying physics. This semester, in addition to her other roles and her own research and studies, Juliana will support two classes of physics students, thanks to her generosity of spirit and creative approaches. She's one of a strong team, special in her own ways.

January 2022

Loghan Eskritt
Loghan Eskritt

Supplemental Learning (SL) Leader

Congratulations to Loghan Eskritt, Supplemental Learning (SL) Leader, for being recognized as January’s Peer Mentor of the Month! In a strong and impressive team of leaders, Loghan stands out for her enthusiasm, and for never saying no to what can seem a stream of random requests, from picking up supplies for the leader office to filling in for another leader who has an unexpected conflict with a session, to helping a peer. Loghan is unfailingly cheerful and creative, whether facilitating her own sessions or mentoring a new leader.

December 2021

Dea DiGiovanni
Dea DiGiovanni

Storytelling Peer Mentor

Congratulations to Dea DiGiovanni! She is a Storytelling Peer Mentor who is enthusiastic, organized, bright, thoughtful, and engaged. Dea communicates clearly and effectively, asks excellent questions, and is a prolific producer of ideas and content. She has been instrumental in helping form a healthy bond amongst the team of seven other students. She works collaboratively with other TRU departments and external stakeholders to develop meaningful stories that interest students. She pays close attention to detail, manages her time well, and meets deadlines consistently. Dea is an avid learner, inspiring others to do the same. Her energy is infectious, and she's a joy to work with.

November 2021

Katie Ludvig
Katie Ludvig

Women's Volleyball Team Captain

Congratulations to Katie Ludvig! She is a Communications Major (Marketing Minor). Katie is a captain of the Women's Volleyball team and one of the premier liberos in the Canadian U Sports league. She is also a Peer Mentor with the Pack ACademic Edge (PACE). Katie is an enthusiastic leader, a dedicated athlete, exceptional student and an engaged community volunteer. She leads by example, always with a smile on her face - on and off the court!

October 2021

Emily Fagg
Emily Fagg

Orientation and Transitions Student Mentor

Congratulations to Emily Fagg! She joined the Orientation and Transitions team this year and she has been so enthusiastic about her role by taking part in extra events such as speed friending while also putting in time at Student Life Orientation welcome booth and transitions tabling. She has been a very enthusiastic, eager and helpful Mentor and we are looking forward to having her as a part of the team long-term.

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