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Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

Earn academic credits for life and work experience learning

What is PLAR?

Prior learning and assessment recognition (PLAR)—this is the process to determine if the knowledge, skills and abilities you have acquired outside of post-secondary education can be used toward academic credits.

Volunteer and paid work, industry-based training, professional development workshops and seminars, Continuing Studies courses and private study can all be considered in a PLAR assessment.

PLAR can help you save time and money when completing your certificate, diploma or undergraduate degree.

PLAR Advisor Nicole Borhaven explains the PLAR process:

Are you a PLAR candidate?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have three to five years of experience in my field, with increasing responsibility?
  • Have I gained a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities through work, professional development, volunteer work, and/or other life experiences?
  • Am I fluent in a second language?
  • Have I completed training or certification listed in the Credit Bank?
  • Do I have training or certifications from private institutions or professional associations for which transfer credit was not granted?

Consider PLAR

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, please explore our PLAR process further.

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