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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

TRU's Vision Statement

Thompson Rivers University adopted its Vision Statement in spring of 2020 following an extensive consultation, Envision TRU, held throughout the region. The statement — consisting of Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Change Goals — sets out the university’s guiding map for the next decade.

The focal point of the statement is the Secwépemc word Kw’seltktnéws, which means we are all related and interconnected with nature, each other and all things. That interconnection was an integral part of the consultation and is at the heart of TRU’s path forward.

To strengthen and honour relationships with Indigenous communities served by TRU, President and Vice-Chancellor Brett Fairbairn sought to have the statement translated into Secwepemctsín, the language of the Secwépemc People upon whose unceded territory the university is located.

A group of Secwépemc Elders from the region gave their time and knowledge to translate the Vision Statement into written and spoken words you find below.

The Integrated Strategic Planning initiative aims to align our efforts in support of achieving TRU’s vision.

Me7 t̓ekstém re sptínesem-kt kwemtús ell, me7 s7élkstmentem.

Me7 yecwmíntem xwexwéyt re stem ntmicw-kt ell nsxwexwiyúlecwems re tmicw t̓ekmín̓tem re university ell nerí7 me7 yi7úcw-et tek me7 w7ec-kt ell - Nek̓úsem-kt - me7 xexewílc xwexwéyt re qelmúcw ne sxwexweyúlecwems re tmicw.


Our vision

Community-minded with a global conscience, we boldly redefine the university as a place of belonging — Kw’seltktnéws (we are all related and interconnected with nature, each other, and all things) — where all people are empowered to transform themselves, their communities, and the world.

Mission, values and change goals

Me7 xílltem tek me7 kúpentem

Tcw7it te tucwt̓ícwell te qelmúcw w7ec ne TRU, me7 w7ec wel me7 xpqenwén̓s stém̓i k qwenmíns e sxpqenwén̓s es xexewílcs ne sxpqenwéllen̓s, t̓hé7en e xílmes éytsell m-wí7es ell e s7éyctem te s7elkst.s.

Me7 Xílltem

  • Me7 xyemstwécw-kt.
  • Ta7 me7 t̓ícwells k swetí7.
  • Knucwentwécw-kt e sle7s e stsyem-kt.
  • Qwenmíntem es tselxemstém xwexwéyt re stem.
  • Tknémentem te yucwmíntem re stem ntmicw, tsukw e stens wel me7 yews.

Xyemstém-kucw re qelmúcw ell re k̓wséltktens-kucw. Me7 xyemstwécw-kt.

Nek upeklltyénecwem me7 ckítsentem yi7éne te s7elkt.

  • Knúcwentem xwexwéyt es xpqenwéllen̓s
  • Nucwentéls te m-k̓elél̓nemctls le ts̓ucwlém te swestélt.
  • Kukwpi7stém k stselxmém ell melúk̓wctem te sqlew̓.
  • Me7 tsq̓ey’ k tsúntem es ctswentém, me7 sten wel me7 yews.
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