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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Tuition and Fees

  • Effective Sept. 1, 2023, unless stated otherwise.
  • Subject to change without notice and vary between courses and programs.
  • Find estimated course costs by selecting a course from the search.

Program fees
Program Application (effective October 1, 2023) $32.27 for Canadian citizens or permanent resident status

$100.00 for international students
Transcript Assessment $55.54 for BC/Yukon documents

$104.72 for non-BC/non-Yukon documents
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) See PLAR Fees
Program plan
Undergraduate degree $142.25 per program plan per degree
(effective October 1, 2023)
Diploma, associate degree, advanced certificate, advanced diploma, graduate certificate or post-baccalaureate $37.49 per program plan per credential
(effective October 1, 2023)

Undergraduate tuition
Canadian citizens and permanent residents of BC/Yukon Variable (average $154.65 per credit)
See the individual course description for specific amounts
Canadian citizens residing outside of BC/Yukon or Canada Variable; higher than tuition paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents of BC/Yukon
Adult Basic Education Free (applicable fees still apply) for BC residents

$243.20 per credit (3 credits per course) for non-BC residents
International students $462.02 per credit
Students 65+ years old 25% of applicable tuition, dependent on student's citizenship and residence

Course administration and other fees
Course administration $104.93 per course
Non-residence (Canadian citizens residing outside of BC/Yukon) $34.96 per credit (plus tuition)
Technology $6.92 per credit
Lab Variable (see specific course)
Materials The material fee as well as shipping and handling fees are listed in the course description. Find and select the course.
Shipping and handling Course and materials fees for Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada will be recalculated at the time of registration.
Assignment submission You are responsible for the cost of submitting your assignments for grading
Course extension $111.81 per eligible course
Formal grade appeal $139.66
Official transcript $9.99
Duplicate credential $73.19 (effective August 1, 2023)
Program reactivation $69.80
Long-distance phone charges Toll-free in Canada;
Tolls for calls outside Canada, except in the following areas:
Hong Kong: 001-800-965-261
India: 000-800-1007-576
Indonesia: 00-803-018-5610
UAE: 800-017-8313
Saudi Arabia: 800-814-5681
Cheque NSF $31.05 (effective August 1, 2023)
Duplicate T2202 form $6.41 (effective August 1, 2023)

OL courses delivered by UVic
Canadian citizen or permanent resident status $166.27 per credit (varies by course)

$48.93 course administration

Textbooks and course materials (varies by course)
International students $1,011.97 tuition per UVic fee unit

$48.93 course administration fee

Textbooks and course materials (varies by course)
Students 65+ years old No reduced fees

UVic course credits are typically 1.5 units or 3.0 units, which are displayed as 3-credit and 6-credit courses when registering through OL.

  • UVic assigns each student with an ID number. Please allow time for this process; remember to update your email information.
  • Tuition fees per credit (per UVic unit) vary by course.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • The course administration fee is non-refundable when you cancel your registration or withdraw from a course.
  • Fees listed do not apply to all courses. Refer to individual course descriptions or contact Student Services.
Other UVic course costs

Textbooks and course materials — you are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks for most courses. Specific program areas mail instructions to registered students on how to purchase course materials, which are available at the UVic Bookstore.

Assignment submissions — As a distance education student, you are responsible for the cost of submitting assignments for grading.

Loaned materials/long-distance phone charges — Information about loans of materials and long-distance phone charges is provided by the specific program area at UVic.

Tuition and fees payment

  • All fees are payable with course registrations and other requested services and are required to be paid to Thompson Rivers University in Canadian funds.
  • The Board of Thompson Rivers University reserves the right to change tuition fees and the President of Thompson Rivers University reserves the right to change all other fees without prior notice.
  • In the event of any indebtedness to Thompson Rivers University, any fees paid are first applied to the removal of the debt.
  • No official transcripts, certificates, diplomas or degrees are issued to a student in debt to Thompson Rivers University except by the approval of the board, nor is the student permitted to repeat a registration, obtain a course extension or write an examination until all indebtedness is removed.
  • Yukon residents pay the same tuition fees as BC residents.
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