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Faculty Funding Opportunities

Internal Opportunities

TRU provides many internal award opportunities for its researchers.

Research Newsletter

Find out about new initiatives, funding opportunities and see what your colleagues are up to. View our past newsletters here.

Grant Facilitation

The Research Office assists faculty to access funding through a variety of internal and external grants. Researchers are offered a variety of support, including workshops and information sessions on specific tri-agency programs (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC), as well as proposal review for strong grant content and compliance to tri-agency guidelines. Researchers will also benefit from peer review as well as a grants library and, upon success, post-award support.

Grant Application Review

Our Research Grants Development Officers are available to offer advice and review grant applications before submission to external agencies. Because a thorough review of a major grant application is likely to result in multiple revisions, please send applications to the Grant Development Officers a minimum of 14 days before the agency's application deadline so that you will have time to make necessary changes. For major competitions with multi-step application processes, for example, the Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders' Fund, and the SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant, please submit your intent to apply at the earliest opportunity.

The external funding environment is extremely competitive and your application is more likely to be successful after a comprehensive review. The Research Office cannot guarantee a thorough review if applications for major grants are received fewer than 14 days before the external agency deadline.

Dr. Anita Sharma, Manager, Research Services or 778-471-8439.

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