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FAQs about Degree Works (TRU Program Plan)

What is Degree Works (TRU Program Plan)?

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit software that allows students to track their academic progress towards their certificate, diploma or degree by creating a TRU Program Plan.

How do I access Degree Works?

You can access Degree Works and view your TRU Program Plan by logging into myTRU.

Who should I contact if I’m having technical difficulties?

Please contact the Degree Works team at

Who can use Degree Works and receive a TRU Program Plan?

A TRU Program Plan is available to most students enrolled in a certificate, diploma or degree program at TRU. If you cannot access a TRU Program Plan, please contact your advisor.

What is a TRU Program Plan?

A TRU Program Plan is a summary of all past and current coursework that provides information on outstanding graduation requirements for a program. It can be used as a program checklist to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled and to help plan future course registrations.

Why did I get a message that a TRU Program Plan is unavailable for my program?

Undeclared Major:

TRU Program Plan Undeclared Major

If you receive this message it means that you have an undeclared major. Students who are in an Undeclared program (ex. Bachelor of Science, undeclared major) will not receive a TRU Program Plan until they have declared a major (the Declaration of Major form is available in myTRU).

Outside Catalog/Calendar Year:

TRU Program Plan Outside Calendar Year

If you receive this message it means that a TRU Program Plan is not available for the year you entered your program (this is referred to as your Calendar Year or your Catalog Year). You can speak to your advisor about your options.

Program is not available:

TRU Program Plan Program Not Available

If you receive this message it means that your program is not available in Degree Works (for example, Trades Apprenticeships are not available). Please contact your advisor to confirm your program requirements.

Why are there no majors/minors/concentrations listed?

Students need to fill out and submit their Major/Minor/Concentration declaration forms by specific timelines. You can find the form in myTRU.

What is a Catalog Year or Calendar Year?

Catalog and Calendar Year both refer to the year you entered your program. For example, if you started your program in Fall 2020 your Catalog/Calendar Year will be 2020-2021. If you become inactive in your program and re-apply, you will be admitted under a new catalog/calendar term.

How is my TRU Program Plan different from a transcript?

Your TRU Program Plan is an unofficial document that can be used for academic information and planning. Your TRU Program Plan is not an official transcript.

When should I review my TRU Program Plan?

You can review your TRU Program Plan at any time, however it is recommended that students review their plan prior to meeting with an advisor, before and after registration, before you apply to graduate and any time after a change is made to your registration or program.

Can I register for courses through TRU Program Plan?

No. Registration will continue to be through the registration system available through myTRU.

What is the GPA displayed in TRU Program Plan?

The GPA listed in your TRU Program Plan is a program GPA. This GPA shows only on your TRU Program Plan and consists of all individual graded courses that are used to meet requirements in your program (it is often a mix of TRU and transfer course grades). This program GPA may be different than the GPA(s) listed on your transcript.

Why aren’t my transfer credits showing in my TRU Program Plan? I believe I have taken courses at other schools that fulfill requirements/electives in my program.

Your transcripts may be in the queue at our transfer credit department for further assessment. Once your transfer credit is fully assessed it will be added to your student record and will display in your TRU Program Plan. If you have questions about your program or what courses to take while you wait for your transfer credit assessment please contact your advisor.

How does Degree Works decide where to place courses in my TRU Program Plan that I have completed?

Degree Works functionality places each course using a "best fit" scenario. Where multiple possibilities exist it may place courses where they will fit, but not necessarily where you expect them to be. Please speak with your advisor to discuss any possibilities of moving courses in your TRU Program Plan.

How current is the information in my TRU Program Plan?

Your TRU Program Plan is refreshed regularly with the Student Information System so all information is current.

Why are some of my courses not counting toward my TRU Program Plan?

You may see courses listed at the bottom of your TRU Program Plan that are not being applied to requirements. There are three categories:

Unused Courses – courses in this section are not being applied because TRU Program Plan cannot find a requirement that they fulfill. Often generic transfer credit can be found in this section (ex. ENGL 1XX0). If you see courses in this section that you think should apply to your program please contact your advisor.

Insufficient Courses - courses in this section are not applicable to a program because of their grade or credit value.

Ineligible Courses – courses in this section cannot be applied to your current program because they exceed a limit or restriction of your program. For example, if a course does not meet a program’s minimum grade requirement it will be in this section.

If you have any questions about the courses that are unused in your TRU Program Plan please contact your advisor.

Can I see a list of every class I have taken?

Yes. On the Worksheets tab, click on the Class History link at the top (middle) for a printable list of courses taken both at TRU and transfer courses accepted for your current program.

Program Plan FAQ Class History

Can I save and print a TRU Program Plan?

Yes, select the print option and choose your printer, and/or you can use the print option to also save to Adobe PDF. If you select print to Adobe PDF you will then be able to save your TRU Program Plan where you would like on your device with a personalized file name. This is your personal academic information, please safeguard your privacy.

What should I do if I believe my information in my TRU Program Plan is incorrect?

Please contact your advisor for assistance.

What if I am thinking of switching programs, can I get a plan for a different program?

Yes, the What If feature allows you to explore how your course work will apply to a different certificate, diploma, degree or major. The What If function is for information purposes only and is not an official change of program request. Please see your advisor if you are ready to officially change your program. For details on how to perform a What If please see “How to use TRU Program Plan”.

Program Plan FAQ What If

If I'm enrolled in more than one program can I see both programs in TRU Program Plan?

Yes, if you are enrolled in more than one program a TRU Program Plan will be created for each of your programs. Use the dropdown arrow on the Degree field to toggle between them.

Program Plan FAQ Multiple Programs

If my TRU Program Plan is complete, have I graduated?

Students should confirm their program status with their advisor prior to their last year or last semester of study. You must apply for graduation through myTRU. Please confirm the status of your graduation with your advisor.

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