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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Adult Basic Education

Step on the path to better opportunities and more options by upgrading your education today. Upgrading could be right for you if you want to meet TRU program requirements or get your high school diploma.

Which option is right for you?

You have two choices. You can take upgrading courses at TRU either on campus or online. Our on-campus courses are delivered by the University and Employment Preparation department (UEPrep) at both Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses, and our online courses are delivered by Open Learning. There are differences — and advantages — between the two. Read the chart to see which is best for you.

Once you've decided, check out our course descriptions and upgrade pathways.

On campus

in Kamloops or Williams Lake


through Open Learning

Start in fall, winter or summer intakes

Start any time

Finish in 13 weeks

Finish any time up to 30 weeks later, with the option of a paid extension

Take the course in a class with other students

Take the course independently at your own pace

An instructor-led course with a variety of delivery methods

An Open Learning faculty member answers questions and marks assignments

Tuition is free, but you pay ancillary fees and some textbook fees — assistance may be available.

Tuition is free, but you pay admin/tech and materials/shipping fees

Sign up


Kamloops campus advisor

Williams Lake campus advisor

Qelmúcw recruiter-advisor

Online (Open Learning) advisor

Paths to success

What students say

Dixon Bertrand

Dixon Bertrand

Home town: Penticton | Goal: Bachelor of Science

Thanks to a minimum wage job, I realized it would be difficult to pay for the things I wanted out of life. Adult Basic Education helped me improve my high school marks so I could go after a career with a good financial outlook.

The fear of a course can hold you back, but you don't know until you try. When I got my first test back—a 99 in math—I realized, 'I can do this' because that mark blew away any math score I got in Grade 12.

Rebecca Fabian

Rebecca Fabian

Home town: Fort McKay First Nations, Alberta | Goal: Bachelor of Social Work

It had been 27 years since I graduated from high school. My instructors here were easy to talk to and available with office hours. They took the time to explain things step by step, so I could understand exactly what they wanted from me and so I could do the work correctly.

Kenneth Joseph

Kenneth Joseph

Home town: Fort St. James | Goal: Bachelor of Social Work

Even a good-paying job wasn’t enough because I wasn’t doing the work I was meant to do. Adult Basic Education helped me improve my marks so I can pursue the work I am meant to do.

I have a passion and a personal interest to help people with addictions. After researching different ways to do this, I came to the conclusion that I would be best suited as an addictions counsellor, and decided that TRU would be a good place to pursue that.

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