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Intercultural education opens a world of growth

The Intercultural Ambassador program is inclusive and intended for full-time undergraduate students on campus.

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Graphic of Phone, notebook, pencil, mouse and keyboard laid out on a desktop. Also includes image of Author Alex Duarosan on a teal backgroud.

Impress potential employers with your online presence

Before you'll ever get a chance to be evaluated by any hiring committee - your resume, portfolio, and online presence need to be tailor-made for the employer's eye.

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Backpack essentials and how to engage in the classroom

Being prepared for the first week of class reduces anxiety and boosts confidence.

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Lauren Keller

Survival Guide a step-by-step approach to student life

Starting university can be stressful; TRU's Student Survival Guide helps you prepare, visualize, and develop an action plan to navigate the first weeks of student life.

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