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Student Success Courses

We offer five one-credit elective student success courses that provide a strong foundation for university achievement. These courses are offered in fall and winter semesters, in full or half-term formats.

STSS 1030 Student Success and Study Skills

Student Success and Study Skills focuses on developing the study habits and academic skills necessary to succeed at university. Theory based and experiential, this course provides opportunities to master strategies and practical skills in time management, research, retention, reading for academic purposes, note-taking and test-taking.

STSS 1040 Student Success and Wellbeing

Students learn how to utilize available resources and strategies to help them maintain a healthy balance in their lives academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Topics include nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental health, addiction, stress, sexual health, and money. Students adopt methods for maintaining a healthy balance in their lives at university.

STSS 1050 Student Success and Communication

STSS 1050 introduces the skills required for effective interpersonal communication. Students discover their own communication styles and explore a variety of techniques that develop their speaking and listening skills. Topics include direct/indirect and verbal/non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and diversity.

STSS 1060 Intercultural Perspectives

Students develop the intercultural competence essential for engagement with the increasingly diverse communities within TRU and beyond. Through a number of interactive self-assessments, students evaluate their own personalities before building an understanding of different communication and learning models from a variety of cultures.

STSS 1070 Performing to Academic Standards

This course fosters critical thinking and problem- solving skills. Students practice and improve fundamental research and writing skills that are required in post-secondary education, and gain a solid understanding of academic integrity and the issue of plagiarism. Topics include research, and citation (APA formatting and style for referencing, integrating quotations, and paraphrasing).

» STSS 0500

A three-credit study skills course provided by the Department of University and Employment Preparation.

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