Open Learning Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services are offered to eligible Open Learning students. As the course delivery method is different from on-campus classes, there are some differences in service and academic accommodation delivery to OL students.

When an Open Learning student registers in a course, they have the option of indicating that they are a student who may require academic accommodations due to a disability. When students indicate that they may require academic accommodations, they will be asked to book an appointment (either in person or over the phone) with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss their individual needs, so that, if eligible, accommodations can be set up before the course begins. Open Learning students must provide the appropriate documentation.

Accommodation letters will be sent to the Open Learning Exams Department, not to individual instructors. If a student requires accommodations for coursework they will be encouraged to share the accommodation letter with their instructors.

Deadline to register with Accessibility Services

For Open Learning students, the deadline to register with Accessibility Services is one month before the deadline to book final exams. Requests to register with Accessibility Services after this deadline will only be considered after Manager review.

Accommodated exams

Once students are registered with Accessibility Services and registered in their courses, the OL Examinations Department will be issued an accommodation letter, which outlines approved accommodations. Students will receive a copy of this letter along with instructions on how to book an exam.

Students need to seek out an Examinations Supervisor who can invigilate their exam for the time allotted. The Examinations Supervisor must fill out the Statement of Presiding Supervisor form and submit it to TRU-OL Examinations.

Students must make sure to check the special needs box when the form is filled out, as well as complete the student portion of the form.

Students must find a place to write their exam (often universities, colleges and libraries are a good place to write), as students will not be writing with the general group in the nearest Open Learning examination centre. Students must ensure that the location for testing has the equipment that could be needed for accommodations (such as specialized software).

Students must adhere to the examination session times set out in the examination schedule.

Commonly used forms:

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