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ProctorU FAQ

What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is a private company that has a service agreement with TRU to offer proctored online exams for certain courses offered by Open Learning. TRU established this partnership to increase our flexibility and accessibility to those students who needed a timely option for final exams that could be written at home, with a quick turnaround of final grades. Student feedback on the service to date has been excellent. Please note that not every course offers ProctorU as an option, and students are required to meet mandatory technological requirements.

For more information visit: Taking your exam with ProctorU

What can students expect on exam day?

On exam day, you will log into ProctorU and Moodle just before your scheduled time. You will connect with ProctorU who will go through a pre-check process. This process will make sure your computer is set up to use their system and that you understand the rules of the exam. When everything is complete, they will unlock your exam and you can begin! Exams are typically up to 3 continuous hours, so we recommend students arrive prepared and ready to write.

For more information visit: Test-Taker Information

What are the TRU-specific rules when writing a ProctorU exam?

Each exam will have different rules which will be outlined on the final exam page in your Moodle course shell. ProctorU only invigilates your final exam. The content of your exam is hosted within TRU Moodle servers and only your Open Learning Faculty Member can assign a mark on your exam.

What am I allowed and not allowed to do during my exam?

What you are allowed to do will depend on the specific rules of your exam and any exam accommodations you may require. These will be outlined before you write and will also be posted in your Moodle course shell.

Many students ask about bathroom use. We encourage students to arrive prepared for their exam duration, but students are still permitted to use the bathroom if needed. Please note, that the countdown timer in Moodle will continue.

What rights do students have when using the ProctorU service?
  • Students should be able to clearly understand how both examinations and this service are administered.
  • Examinations solely exist in TRU hosted Moodle servers. Your exam will only be reviewed and marked by your Open Learning Faculty Member.
  • All students are entitled to support. If you encounter any issues, our Examinations and Assessments team is available to assist. Email for support.
  • All students have the right to appeal a final grade in their course. This process is outlined on our Open Learning website and in the Student Academic Appeals Policy.
  • Students have a right to know what data may be collected as part of this service. We have provided an information page on the Open Learning examinations section of the website which outlines what personal information may be collected.
  • It is important to note that ProctorU will only invigilate your exam. If there are any concerns during the exam, they will provide a report to TRU that will be reviewed.
  • ProctorU cannot assign a grade, determine if an academic integrity violation has occurred, apply sanctions or fail a student.
  • Students have a right to know that TRU must follow the rules of FIPPA. Students should also be aware that FIPPA rules have been subject to Ministerial Order during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allows educational tools such as this to be required.
What are the common misconceptions about ProctorU?

ProctorU does not create or host TRU final examinations. They simply provide invigilation services. ProctorU cannot grade or fail your final exam. Only an Open Learning Faculty Members can assign a grade for your exam. ProctorU does not make their own rules about your exam. TRU has full authority over the rules of the final exam.

How do students prepare their computerfor a ProctorU exam?

Visit the following link to prepare your computer: Testing Your Equipment.

What do students do when they have a technical issue prior to or during a ProctorU exam?

Contact OL Exams at as soon as possible

What is the process for accessing academic accommodations for a ProctorU Exam?

Visit the Open Learning Accessibility Services page to learn about how to connect with Accessibility Services and explore academic accommodations you may be eligible to receive.

How do I receive accommodations for my proctored session with ProctorU?

If you have been approved for academic accommodations by Accessibility Services, send your accommodation letter to the Open Learning Exams Department by emailing 

Once your accommodation letter has been sent to the Open Learning Exams Department, students must contact, at least 14 days prior to the exam, to ask for your accommodations to be added to your online exam(s).

After the Open Learning Exams Department receives your accommodation letter and hears from you, they will let ProctorU know about your approved academic accommodations.

Have further questions?

 Email Open Learning Exams Department at

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