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Transportation in Kamloops

Come and go as you please


Much of the off-campus housing is within walking distance. And according to WebMD, walking is great exercise: it's good for your heart, your blood pressure and your bones. It also helps with stress, sleeping and your outlook on life.


Bike racks are located near all major buildings. Plus, we have a bike repair station and a secure, covered storage area. If you work up a sweat, you can shower off at the gymnasium. And if the hills are too daunting, think about renting TRU's electric bike or using the bike racks on city buses.


Students ride for free with the UPASS provided by the TRU Students' Union. Several bus routes converge at the loop on campus, so it's easy to get here from wherever you are. Kamloops Transit has a handy trip planner to help with your schedule.


You can park on campus, of course, and the PayByPhone app makes it easy to pay. But you might want to look at saving money with the Rideshare car pool. If that's not possible, save money on gas with these tips from Natural Resources Canada.

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