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Testing Off Campus

If you are unable to write the TRU entry assessments tests (ACCUPLACER or typing) at TRU Kamloops or one of the TRU regional offices, you may be able to write it off-campus.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Procure a qualified supervisor — someone in the educational field such as an instructor or counsellor at a publicly funded educational testing site (high school, college, etc.). This person must not be a friend, nor can they be a relative. The test must be administered at the educational testing site.

  2. Complete the off-campus form and pay the testing fee . The testing fee is non-refundable. For ACCUPLACER testing the fee is $37 CDN, rewrite is $25 CDN. The typing test is $20 CDN.

  3. Once the form and fee have been received, it will take up to five (5) business days to verify the information and send the instructions to the supervisor.

  4. Once the instructions have been sent, you will have one month in which to complete the assessment.

Please note: applicants are responsible for paying any supervision fees charged by the educational institute.

For more information, contact the TRU Assessment Centre at

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