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B.A. Advisors

We're here to help Arts students. Drop in or make an appointment for help with:

  • Course selection
  • Campus referrals
  • Degree planning
  • Course permissions
  • Major/minor declaration
  • Study abroad — Office: AE257 — Phone: 250-371-5566 — Fax: 250-371-5510

Reminder: Please include your student ID in your email or voicemail.

Frequently asked questions

 When do I need to meet with an Arts advisor?

You should come to see us near the end of your second year standing (between 24 and 53 credits).

 Why do I need to meet with an Arts advisor?

We will assist you with proper course selection and program planning and will provide referrals when necessary. We want to keep you on track for graduation.

 How often do I need to meet with an advisor?

You should meet with an advisor annually, or whenever needed.

 When should I declare my major/minor?

You should declare a major/minor after 30 credits and before 60 credits.

 How do I declare my major/minor?

Drop by our office or email us at Always add your student number in your emails!

 When do I need to see a major advisor?

You must meet with your major advisor once you have declared your major, in order to select your upper level courses specific to your major. Your BA program advisor will inform you who your major advisor will be.

 How do I get permission to register into an upper level course?

Send us an email at or drop by our office, providing the course names (not title), numbers and semesters required. (e.g. SOCI 3200, PSYC 3000, etc.)

 When are graduation photos taken?

Usually some time in February of your graduating semester.

 How am I notified about the graduation photos?

You will be sent a group email by the Arts Advising office well in advance of the date/time with all the details.

 When do I need to apply for graduation and how do I do that?

You must apply before March 31, of your graduating year. This is done directly through your myTRU account, under the Student Resources tab.

Information sheets


Meet your advisors

Susie Reiter

Susie Reiter

I am an alumnus of TRU (formerly UCC) in 2001 with a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts. I have been in the teaching field since graduation and have enjoyed working with students for 14 plus years now. I have taught in School District 74 and some of the private schools in Kamloops. One-on-one interaction with students has always been the favorite part of my career. My passion is to assist students in their programs and encourage them in their future endeavors.

I am a wife and a mother. My daughter is a graduate from the BA program here as well. Outside of my advising role, I enjoy golf, yoga and I love to travel whenever possible.

If you have any concerns or just want to say hi, please feel free to stop by our office. We are happy to help you and wish to make your experience here at TRU great.

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