Faculty of Arts

Upper-level course list

ANTH 3000-3 Current Issues in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3030/HIST 3030/POLI 3070/SOCI 3030-3/6 The European Orient: Balkans, Russia and Eastern Europe
ANTH 3280-3 Indigenous Peoples in Comparative Perspective
ANTH 4010-3 Native Peoples of North America
ANTH 4030/POLI 4030/SOCI 4030-6 Field School in East/Central Europe
ANTH 4040-3 Peoples and Cultures of the North American Arctic
ANTH 4600-3 Cultural Ecology and Cultural Evolution
CMNS 3000-3 Research Methods in Communication
CMNS 3050-3 Communication Marketing and Design
CMNS 3080-3 Advanced Composition 1 - Personal Expression
CMNS 3230-3 Information Design
CMNS 3510-3 Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication
ECON 3550-3 International Economics
ECON 4100-3 International Financial Markets
ECON 4560-3 International Macroeconomics and Finance
ECON 4720-3 Sustainable Economic Development
ENGL 3120-3 Indigenous Dramas
ENGL 3130-3 European Literature in Translation
ENGL 4440-3 Postcolonial Women’s Literature
ENGL 4450-3 Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 4460-3 Studies in Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 4470-3 Studies in Indigenous Literature (North American)
FILM 3250/FRAN 3810-3 Quebec Cinema in Translation
FILM 3850-3 Film Theory
FILM 4050-3 Film Noir
FILM 4100-3 The American Frontier in Film, Television, and Literature
FILM 4140-3 Films of the Cold War
FREN 3260-3 New course acronym and number FRAN 3710 Quebec Literature in Translation
FREN 3520-3 New course acronym, number and name FRAN 4110 – Studies in French Language and Style 1Studies in French Language and Style
FREN 4520-6 New course number and name FRAN 4210-3 – Studies in French Language and Style 2 Advanced Studies and Practice in French Language and Style
FREN 4150-3 New course acronym and number FRAN 4710 Selected Topics in French and Francophone Literature
FREN 4160-3 New course acronym and number FRAN 4510 French-Canadian Literature
GEOG 3200-3 Introduction to Cultural Geography
GEOG 3230-3 Geographies of Gender
GEOG 3700-3 * Japan (possible name change) Field Course in Geography
GEOG 3900-3 * (Japan, the Americas) Geography of Selected Regions
GEOG 4840-3 Postcolonial Geographies
GEOG 4850-3 Geography of First Nations Issues in British Columbia
GERM 3120-3 Studies in German Culture
HIST 3060-3 Quebec: History and Politics
HIST 3120-3 Canada in the Cold War Era
HIST 3160-3 European Social History
HIST 3170-3 European Expansion and Migration
HIST 3370-3 The United States, 1945-Present
HIST 4120-3 Topics in Medieval and Early Modern European History
HIST 4200-3 Topics in European History
HIST 4250-3 Topics in Canadian History
HIST 4480-3 Topics in American Social History
JOUR 3400-3 National and International Media
PHIL 3010-3 Ethics
PHIL 3160-3 Modern European Philosophy
PHIL 3170-3 Topics in Continental Philosophy
PHIL 3210-3 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 3750-3 Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 4350-3 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 4910-3 Selected Topics in Philosophy
POLI 3200-3 American Government and Politics
POLI 3500-3 The Politics of Mexico
POLI 3520-3 Politics of Developing Nations
POLI 3640-3 Introduction to the Politics of the Middle East
POLI 4060-3 Topics in Latin American Politics
POLI 4110-3 Humanitarian Intervention: A Canadian Perspective
SOCI 4600-3 Globalization
SOCI 4730-3 Global Social Change
SPAN 3010-3 Studies in Hispanic Literature 1
SPAN 3020-3 Studies in Hispanic Literature 2
THTR 4600/THTR 4610-6 Acting Styles
VISA 3150-3 Art of the Italian Renaissance: Painting
VISA 3160-3 Art of the Italian Renaissance: Sculpture/Architecture