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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

A Day of Arts and Science


In light of new information from the Provincial Health Officer regarding COVID-19, TRU has made the decision to cancel A Day of Arts and Science.

Grade 11 students: you're invited to visit our campus to discover TRU. You'll get a taste of university life with a day of classes and activities in the Arts and Sciences.

  • Learn about the “Philosophy of Sex and Love”
  • Learn how to write for a living from a journalist
  • Learn everything from hugs to bugs, and spays to X-rays in animal health technology
  • Learn why small is beautiful in microbiology
  • Discover your creative side in our Visual Arts workshops
  • Have fun with 'who done it' CSI in Chemistry
  • Win draws and prizes:

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Arts Building

Faculty of Arts

For more information about activities in the Faculty of Arts, send email to Jan Duerden.

Science Building

Faculty of Science

For more information about the Faculty of Science, send email to Verlinda Wale.

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