Faculty of Arts

Modern Languages Field Schools

For a complete list of TRU Field schools and Study Abroad, see the TRU World Student Exchange website. Field Schools/Study Abroad must be conducted in a language which is not the candidate's first language. Final approval rests with the Modern Languages Coordinator.

All five-week French-language intensive summer courses within Canada which fall under the Federal Language Bursary programs may be counted for three credits as part of the 12-credit interdisciplinary elective requirement. However, please note that these programs may not be counted as part of the regular, 12-credit BA requirement in language instruction. Please note also that only those programs conducted exclusively within Québec may be counted towards this certificate’s field trip requirement.

Since 2009, Modern Languages has been offering students the opportunity to participate in field schools to study language in an immersion setting through our MLAN 2700 course.

Varying in length from four to six weeks, MLAN 2700 can be offered in different languages. In 2009, the course was taught as a Japanese language course in Japan, while in 2010, it was taught as a Spanish course in Mexico.

The travel experiences included a variety of excursions and cultural activities in addition to language classes targeting intermediate learners who have completed at least one year of language instruction.