Faculty of Arts

Communication and Visual Arts

The Department of Communication and Visual Arts is the place where students find programs in media studies, public relations, journalism, and visual arts.

Students will find a balance here, as they encounter theories and big ideas in their field of study and develop their applied creative and professional skills, preparing them for future career and educational experiences.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts prepares students with a breadth of experiences in visual arts studio, theory, and history.

The Bachelor of Journalism prepares students to be strong ethical storytellers accountable to the public through the production of multimedia stories in a digital environment.

The major with a focus on public relations prepares students to use strategic communication skills across a range of professional contexts, including media relations, stakeholder engagement and marketing.

And the major with a focus on media studies prepares students to be critics and interpreters of the digital cultures and technologies that mediate the world in which they live, work and play.

Come and talk to us about different options. We also offer different minors in communication and a diploma in visual arts.