Faculty of Arts

Modern Languages Advising

The Bachelor of Arts language requirement

The Faculty of Arts at TRU subscribes to the principle that second language skills are part of a well-rounded education and contribute significantly to the personal and intellectual development of our students. BA students are therefore required to complete a second language to grade 12 or six credits in post-secondary second language courses.

For information about language requirements in other programs, please consult with those programs directly.

Language placement

Everyone is unique when it comes to language skills: heritage speakers, immersion students, international students and students who have travelled abroad or been out of school for a few years have individual levels of knowledge which may make it difficult for them to determine the level of language courses that is right for them. If you are not sure which courses to choose, please contact the Modern Languages Coordinator for placement testing. Assessments can often be done through a brief interview or via a phone conversation if you are out of town. If you are e-mailing to ask about language placement, please include the following information:

  • When did you finish grade 12?
  • What is your first language?
  • For how many years did you study the language for which you require placement?
  • What grade did you earn the last time you studied this language?
  • Have you ever travelled/lived in a country where this language is spoken?
    (If so, please state for how long.)

Other credit and transfer questions

Modern Languages works closely with TRU Academic Advising teams to ensure that students receive the best possible support in making their programming decisions. For more information or to book appointments, contact: