Faculty of Arts

English Undergraduate Programs

The English Department at TRU is exceptionally strong and offers a Bachelor of Arts with a Major or Minor in English, as well as a Minor in Creative Writing.

Several of our faculty have received Master Teacher and Scholarly Merit awards, and our graduates have been accepted at many universities, including McGill, UBC, UVic, The University of Alberta, Memorial University, The University of Western Ontario, The University of Saskatchewan, and The University of Toronto. Our students have also won prestigious awards such as the Bombardier Scholarship and the University Medal in Arts.

English Major

The English Major offers a comprehensive study of writing from ancient to contemporary cultures. Students are encouraged to explore complex texts and to develop their thinking, writing, and reading skills, all of which are essential for numerous professions in the Information Age and for future literary studies.  Students may take 3000 and 4000 numbered courses at any time during their third and fourth years.   The numbering system does not reflect difficulty.

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English Minor

It is now possible for students in the TRU Bachelor of Arts program, who are registered in a Major program, to complete at the same time a Minor program in most Arts and Science subjects.

A minor in English demonstrates advanced writing, reading, and critical thinking skills, and is a valuable credential for students in all TRU majors.

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Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor challenges students to tap into their creativity, teaches them the elements of form through critique of contemporary works, and provides them with the opportunity to practice writing in the following genres: short fiction, novel, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting.

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