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Arts Students Succeed

TRU Arts graduates are doing great things with their degrees. Read their stories.

  • Anthropology

    Lachlan Gonzales
    The anthropology program here has opened my eyes to a rich and beautiful world of different peoples. Lachlan Gonzales
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  • Communication

    Taylor Rae
    It’s crazy not to have a great resumé when you graduate. Taylor Rae
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  • English

    Corey Cooper
    With the guidance of the teachers here at TRU my work ethic improved, as did my English skills. Corey Cooper
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  • Geography

    Steven Lee
    I constantly pull from the skills and knowledge I obtained throughout my university career. Steven Lee
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  • History

    Francesca Lucia
    TRU’s program prepared me to be the best storyteller possible by helping me with writing, research, and critical thinking. Francesca Lucia
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  • Interdisciplinary

    Steve Shortt
    Once I understood the opportunity of being able to build my program, it was a no-brainer. Steve Shortt
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  • Journalism

    Jessica Wallace
    For me, working at The Omega while studying at TRU was a way to practice what I learned in the classroom while getting a few bylines for my resumé. Jessica Wallace
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  • Philosophy

    Jessica Bowen
    My instructors didn’t just recognize my interest, they actively fostered my learning and growth in this area. Jessica Bowen
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  • Psychology

    Natalie Paul
    Psychology and the law in certain circumstances can actually intertwine. Natalie Paul
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  • Sociology

    James Semaschuk
    Not many universities have professors that are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and family lives to provide additional mentorship. James Semaschuk
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  • Theatre Arts

    Skylar Nakazawa
    The program is quite intimate, allowing the professors to really get to know their students and what their goals are. Skylar Nakazawa
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  • Visual Arts

    Melanie Perreault
    Melanie Perreault graduated from TRU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. Her work has been presented in galleries in New York, Montreal and Kamloops.
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