Faculty of Arts

Sociology Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in sociology requires 40 semester courses, including a minimum of 15 courses in the major: five 1000-2000 level (15 credits) sociology courses and 10 3000-4000 level (30 credits) sociology courses.

]Sociology Major Program Planning Guide

Admission requirements to the sociology major

Subject to final approval, admission to the sociology major requires completion of Sociology 1110 and 1210, two 2000-level sociology courses of which three of the four sociology courses must be a pass at Grade C+ or above, and admission into the BA program. It is recommended that students complete SOCI 2720 before entering the sociology major.

Courses for the sociology major

1000-2000 level courses: 15 credits

Required courses:

SOCI 1110: Introduction to Sociology I (3 credits) and
SOCI 1210: Introduction to Sociology II (3 credits)
MATH 1200 or PSYC 2100
SOCI 2720: Introductory Social Research Methods (3 credits)

Elective Courses: one of:

SOCI 2010: Race and Ethnicity (3 credits)
SOCI 2100: Canadian Social Issues (3 credits)
SOCI 2130: Women in Global Perspective (3 credits)
SOCI 2160: Family in the Cross Cultural Perspective (3 credits)
SOCI 2170: Popular Culture (3 credits)
SOCI 2230: Collective Behaviour (3 credits)
SOCI 2500: Crime and Society (3 credits)
SOCI 2590: Deviance and Control (3 credits)
SOCI 2620: Sociology of the Environment (3 credits) or another approved second year course (e.g., transfer credit)

3000-4000 Level Courses: 30 credits

Required Courses:

SOCI 3200: Classical Social Theory (3 credits) plus
SOCI 3210: Feminist Social Theory (3 credits) or
SOCI 3220: Contemporary Social Theory (3 credits) 
SOCI 3800: Social Survey Design and Analysis (3 credits) or
SOCI 3820: Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology (3 credits)

Elective Courses: plus

SEVEN 3000-4000 level Sociology courses (21 credits)

*NOTE on SOCI 3620: Special Topics in Social Problems (3 credits) - The department may offer a number of these special topics courses each semester. Students are allowed to complete as many of these 3 credit courses as they choose, provided that all of them cover different topics (each special topics course will count towards their upper elective credits for their Sociology major).