Faculty of Arts

Philosophy, History and Politics

TRU offers programs of study leading to a general and major BA degree. The general BA program provides a broad liberal arts education by combining a concentration in at least one discipline, available in Philosophy, History and Politics, with area requirements which ensure a broad selection of courses. The history major or philosophy major allows students to focus more specifically on courses in history or philosophy.

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Each discipline in this department has its own methodology, research techniques and specific interests, but they are at the same time closely interrelated. Philosophy, History and Politics have as their foundation the exploration and understanding of human behaviour and society in the past and present. You will find, for example, that courses in Canadian or American politics will parallel and develop themes within Canadian or American history surveys. Philosophy, on the other hand, has close relations with comparative politics and European history. Keep these and the many other interconnections in mind when working out your course of studies.

Our collective goal is to encourage students to develop their capacity for critical thinking. Students will be taught how to define problems, explore solutions through research and to analyze issues. In most courses your contributions and knowledge will be evaluated through classroom and seminar participation, written assignments and examinations.

Each year, the faculty members of our department and student organizers offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate students — a conference in which we explore the past and present through presentations in Philosophy, History, and Politics. This annual conference takes place in January.

For more information see the Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference.

Our department is divided into the three separate disciplines: Philosophy, History and Politics. Examine each and remember their interrelations.

For information about the department, send email to the Chair, Tina Block, or phone at 250-828-5329.