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Sona is a research and participant management software that TRU Psychology researchers use to set up studies and to recruit participants. Students enrolled in Psyc 1110, 1210, & 2110 are eligible to participate in student and faculty research conducted in the Psychology Department. Research participants are compensated with bonus credit, which goes towards their Psychology course.

To create a Sona account or to access an existing account, please use the following link: https://tru.sona-systems.com

If you are having issues with SONA, please contact psyclab@tru.ca.

Psychology Major Moodle Hub

Once students declare their major as Psychology, they should be automatically enrolled in a Moodle course called the “Psychology Major Moodle Hub”. This Hub contains information and resources on:

  • Degree and career planning
  • Psychology Honours Program
  • How to get involved in research and the different opportunities available
  • Paid work and volunteer opportunities
  • On-campus health and wellness resources
  • Announcements for upcoming events, like the Psychology Socials and guest speaker presentations

If you are not enrolled and are interested, please contact the Psychology Lab Technician at psyclab@tru.ca and provide your student number.

The Psychology Lab

The AE 107 Psychology Lab is open to all students working on psychology assignments, with assistance from the Psychology Lab Technician (or the workstudy student) during open lab hours. Please see the schedule posted on the lab door.


Psychology Bulletin Board and Showcase

Located outside the Psychology Lab (AE 107), the Bulletin Board is updated on a regular basis with pertinent information for current students. 

Psychology Department Events

The department hosts events and presentations to help students with guest speakers often present. Event / presentation topics include:

  • Applying to the Psychology Honours Program
  • Research opportunities and how to get involved in Psychology research
  • Careers in Psychology

The department also hosts student socials once or twice per year featuring free food, prizes, and games to bring both Psychology students and faculty together to take a break from studying and have fun.

APA Style Information

APA (American Psychological Association) style is an editorial style that psychologists (and other social and behavioural scientists) use to present written material. APA style needs to be followed when writing papers for Psychology courses.