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Criminology Open Learning Degree

Criminology prepares students for careers in policing, justice, victimology and law enforcement. Criminology is both a subject of academic study and a field of practice. Graduates of a Criminology degree will have extensive knowledge of the key social and psychological factors that lead to, and can prevent criminological and deviant behaviour. Criminology students develop many skills including:

Substantive skills

Criminologists develop the ability to understand criminal and deviant behaviour at work in society so that they can better evaluate proposed changes or resistances to change.

Analytical skills

Criminology provides the ability to identify the contributing parts of a problem and to evaluate proposals for change.

Critical thinking skills

Criminology students learn to synthesize existing theoretical knowledge, and research information, and the processes of evaluating arguments and solutions.

Research and data analysis skills

Criminology students learn how data are collected and analyzed, how data are used to test hypotheses, and how to evaluate the work presented in research studies and the popular media.

Communication skills

Criminology courses provide practice in effective communication in written and oral forms. Students are encouraged to develop their ability to explain and interpret as well as to clarify and summarize.

Blended degree delivery

The Criminology program is an Open Learning Degree program. Students may take a combination of on campus and required online courses (blended program), or fully online. This program offers both full and part time study opportunities.

While open to all TRU students, the Criminology Major is designed as a degree completion program for students with a Certificate or Diploma in Criminology, Criminal Justice or Police Studies, including TRU’s Police and Justice Diploma program. All B.C. College and University Certificate and Diploma programs listed above will receive a full block transfer of their studies to the Criminology program.