Faculty of Arts


Skills we learn

  • Assist in conducting research in the physical, cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of behaviour
  • Exhibit empathy towards others
  • Foster group dynamics at a beginning level
  • Gather information through controlled laboratory experiments and the administration of personality, performance, aptitude, and intelligence tests under appropriate supervision
  • Gather information through observation, interviews, questionnaires, clinical studies, and surveys under appropriate supervision
  • Interpret and explains scientific research
  • Organize people, equipment, and ideas
  • Perceive, understand, and explain individual differences
  • Resolve and mediate conflicts at beginning level
  • Understand ethical practice guidelines
  • Understand human and group behaviour/development
  • Use interpersonal listening skills effectively

Potential occupations

Work that involves community and social services, governmental departments and organizations, non-profit organizations, private industry (human resources, marketing, public relations), and regional health authorities.

  • Activity coordinator
  • Addictions support worket
  • Animal trainer
  • Athletic coach/instructor
  • Behavioural analyst
  • Child/youth care worker
  • Crisis intervention support worker
  • Day treatment caseworker
  • Hospice health worker
  • Human rights advisor
  • Life skills coach
  • Marketing research assistant
  • Mental health worker
  • Motivational research assistant
  • Program coordinator
  • Public relations representative
  • Research assistant
  • Treatment facilities support staff
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Youth and family support worker