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Citation Generators

Citation generators are programs that take bibliographic information provided by the user (I.E. you) turn that data into complete and gramatically correct citations. Some will even go a step further and even write a bibliography for you.

Some Scholars are wary of using citation generators because they can be less then 100% correct but as long as the output is subjected to a good proof reading there is no reason to be afraid of using these handy time saving devices.

Although these generators do not yet create every kind of source (I.E. you tube videos) the fact that most kinds of citations have a great amount of overlap mean that it is relatively easy to take the basis for one sort of citation (a printed book for example) and turn it into another that cannot be generated automatically (such as an e-book).

Now that the basics of citation generators have been covered here is a list of citation generators which have been tested and proven to be useful in the writing of history.

Son of Citation Machine
The quickest and easiest citation generator tested but also the most limited. Probably the best for just making one or two source bibliographies.

Bib Me
Worth taking the time to discover the features of. Especially the amazon book search. Best for most types of essays.

For massive essays this is probably the best citation generator, although it is also by far the most complicated to learn how to use. The first essay you write with this valuable tool will have a very steep learning curve. Also has very useful group functions, which the other tools outlined above do not. Allows you to create complex and large bibliographies which can be accessed and edited anywhere at anytime.

Similar functions to Mendeley but far with a far more complicated and confusing user interface. Not recommended.