Faculty of Arts

Checking the Essay

Before submitting your essay ensure that you do the following:

(1) Provide the pagination, by numbering each of the pages of text, endnotes, bibliography and appendices consecutively from beginning to end. Do not number a title page on which there is no text.

(2) Proof-read your essay for errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If someone else types your essay, there might be mistakes in your manuscript; words may be misread or omitted. Some students do not use computers and word processors very skilfully, which results in errors that should be corrected. There is no excuse for such errors in university-level assignments. Sloppy essays indicate that you do not take your work seriously. Why should your instructor?

(3) Make certain that your footnotes or endnotes are in order, properly numbered, and present. Through carelessness, sometimes these are simply missing.

(4) Check the format and spelling of authors, titles, and the information about publication in your notes and bibliography.

If you discover a problem at the last minute, careful corrections in ink may be acceptable. Check with the instructor.