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Germany Field School (MLAN 2700)


Learn German in Germany! MLAN 2700 - Germany 2015 provides an opportunity to study German in the beautiful town of Treuchtlingen, Bavaria. Language study is combined with cultural activities and daily interaction in the community to give you the opportunity of a lifetime!

We are delighted to work with our partner, the University of Applied Management (UAM), to jointly offer this field school in Modern Languages, at their Adventure Campus in Treuchtlingen, Germany, about an hour outside of Munich. This exciting collaboration is designed to provide students with an international experience combining German language and cultural learning within a dynamic, experience-based framework.

Not only will students earn six credits toward their TRU degrees; they will also earn 12 ECTS credits toward European university credit, and reap the benefits of professors from both universities sharing their knowledge and expertise.

UAM is a fully-accredited university that offers students an interesting study selection with high practical relevance. It offers the opportunity to develop a personal and holistic competence profile. All courses are nationally recognized and accredited so the degrees also offer international connectivity. Check it out here!

The Adventure Campus is a beautiful residential campus set in a park-like environment, with comfortable living quarters, a dining area that opens onto a lovely patio where students congregate and socialize, and activities such as biking, archery, a climbing apparatus, and hiking.


GERM 1110, GERM 1210, or permission of the TRU Instructor, Dr. Diane Pitts.

Costs and Funding

Cost for tuition, accommodation, and meals: $1,950

Students are responsible for additional costs including:

  • Airfare
  • Passport and Insurance

All students accepted into the study abroad program also will receive a $500 CUEF award. Your application will qualify you for this award and upon acceptance this money will be granted to you.

General Plan and Excursions

See the full schedule here.

How to Register

Submit a completed application in person with $500 deposit by January 31, 2015 to Cara Cadre AE 233.

Download the Application Form

For More Information

Contact Kathleen Scherf, Professor of Communications.

About TRU Field Schools

Field Schools programs are an integral part of TRU’s history of being open and accessible to all student, led by TRU faculty members. These mobility opportunities create expanded international awareness and understanding of what is learned in the classroom, to a richer perspective through real-life experiences for their studies.

Field schools are yet another method for students to develop intercultural competence while exploring the international scopes of their academic goals.

Visit the TRU Study Abroad for more information about field schools and international opportunities.


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