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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Information for Students from the United States

Studying in Canada, specifically at TRU, offers great academic and personal experiences for students from the United States, at a substantially less cost. If you would like to study in another country yet still stay close to home keep reading!

Who are we?

Thompson Rivers University is a public university, originally founded in 1970 as a community college. TRU has been granting four-year degrees for almost 30 years and is unique because along with our undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs, we also offer many two-year career diplomas — all of which lead directly into the third year of one or more degrees at TRU.

Where are we?

TRU is located in Kamloops, a smaller city of 100,000 people, four hours by car northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and a 5-hour drive from Seattle, Washington. As one of the warmest and driest cities in Canada, Kamloops is known for a great climate, outstanding recreation and outdoor activities, and for being a safe, friendly and welcoming place to live.


Why TRU? Five great reasons

1. Admissions

TRU makes the admissions process much easier.

  • No SAT or ACT scores required
  • No admissions essays required
  • Rolling admissions for quicker response in most programs
  • IB diplomas accepted; advanced credit possible
  • Admission based on high school prerequisite courses in most programs
2. Cost

Your US dollar gives you an automatic 30% discount in Canada.

  • Lower tuition: Approximately $5,300 US per semester (for four courses)
  • Student fees: $409 US per semester
  • Heath Fee: $57 US per month
  • Scholarships available to reduce your tuition fee costs
  • *Tuition fees are subject to change. Our most updated tuition fees can be found here.
3. Support

International students at TRU have incredible support services available to them at all times.

4. Lifestyle
5. Study Abroad

TRU is connected to more than 220 institutions in over 40 countries. You can study for one or two semesters in another country and have those credits applied to your TRU degree. » Learn More

Five other things you need to know

1. Transferability: Graduates of two-year associate degrees from a US college can apply to transfer their credits into the third year of several TRU degrees.

2. Living here: You are not required to live on campus. TRU has on-campus housing options, but many students choose to live in the surrounding community, or take advantage of our Homestay program in their first year.

3. Working here: You can work up to 20 hours/week both on- and off-campus while you are a student, and work full time between semesters, including during the summer. Graduates of a diploma or degree program in Canada may also be able to stay in Canada to work, and potentially apply to stay permanently.

4. Learning experiences: Beyond the classroom, TRU offers many experiential learning opportunities.

5. Sports options: TRU WolfPack Varsity athletics teams include basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and swimming. If you think you have the ability to be a successful varsity athlete, contact the appropriate coach. Scholarships may be available.

Tuition and student fees, medical insurance, and books

International students' tuition fees are based on students taking four courses per semester; a full load is five courses per semester. Students who want to carry a full five-course load pay additional tuition fees for this course.

The four-course model allows students to complete most undergraduate degrees in 10 semesters, while giving them the flexibility to working part-time and successfully manage their studies. Many international students choose to finance their education by working part-time, which they can do in Canada without major restrictions.

Scholarships for US students

US citizens admitted to a TRU undergraduate program of two years or longer are eligible for an automatic scholarship of CAD$2,000 per student, as follows:

  • First CAD$1,000 based on Grade 12 GPA of 73% (B grade) or higher (assessed by the International Admissions office).
  • Second CAD$1,000 based on your first semester grades/GPA of 73% (B grade) or higher (assessed by Financial Aid) at TRU.
Three more important facts
  1. US students are eligible to apply for all TRU program-based scholarships and academic awards after their first semester.
  2. TRU is designated for US veteran funding through the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  3. TRU does not have Title IV designation with the US Department of Education, and is therefore not currently eligible for US direct student loans, including Pell Grants.
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