Online Language and Culture Program

Online LC program

Program dates: 
February 14 - March 4, 2022
July 11 - 29, 2022
August 8 - 26, 2022

Program fee: $1,320

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Our language and culture programs provide students, ages 13 and up, with the English skills needed to fully participate in all activities, with an emphasis placed on the core areas: speaking, listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar.

All students participate in online workshops that enable them to develop and expand their intercultural communication skills. In addition, we offer a series of practical and relevant electives designed to boost your learning opportunities.

This program may be offered in multiple time zones

Online Language and Culture Program flyer 

How it works

This is a three-week online paced program and you are expected to daily attend each virtual class. Once you’re enrolled, you will be emailed full details and further instructions of your online classroom experience.

English Studies: Student-centered, communicative lessons designed to enhance each of the core skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) while providing students with insights into life in Canada.

Canadian Culture: Content-based instruction is provided as you virtually explore geography, regional foods, popular music, and more.

Intercultural Communication Skills: Having a solid understanding of the basics of intercultural communication theory will serve you well as you pursue your academic and professional goals. Engaging in online activities will make learning fun.

Electives: Options include Global Citizenship, Healthy Choices, Leadership Skills, and STEM skills. Note that the list may vary depending on enrollment.

One-to-One Seminars: An added bonus of our online format is One-to-One Seminars where you can have two 15-minute sessions with an instructor. Individualized instruction, pronunciation tutorials, Q&A sessions, and conversation topics are some of the possibilities.

Virtual Activities: These are sure to be a program highlight and may include: exercise classes, seasonal cooking demonstrations, trivia contests, virtual scavenger hunts and puzzles, international student panels, virtual visits to the wildlife park and more!

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