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English Requirements

Students take an English Placement Test (EPT) upon arrival and are placed in the appropriate level of English language study in TRU’s ESL program. The EPT must be written one week before classes begin. If a student has a TOEFL or other test score they may elect to enter ESL or academic courses without taking the TRU English Placement Test.  

English Language Proficiency Requirements
Direct entry to academic programs 88+ with no section below 20 570+ TWE 4.5+ 6.5+ with no bands below 6.0 81+ 4.5+ with no component score below 4.0 Overall 70+
No subtest below 60
Direct entry into Level 5 ESL 80+ 550-569 TWE 4.0+ 6.0+ with no band below 5.5 77+ 4.0+ with no component score below 4.0 Overall 60+
No subtest below 50
Direct entry into Level 4 ESL 71+ 530-549 5.5+ with no band below 5.0 74+ 4.0+ with no component score below 3.5 Overall 50+
No subtest below 40
Direct entry into Level 3 ESL 61+ 500-529 5.0+ 69+ 3.5+ Overall 40+

A student must meet or exceed the required level on all aspects to be at any specific level (e.g. Direct entry students must have 88+ and all sections at least 20). If a student does not meet the requirements listed above for direct entry, it is recommended that they write the TRU Placement Test to determine the appropriate placement for them in ESL. For ESL Level 4, students may take four ESL courses and one academic course. For ESL Level 5, students may take two ESL courses and three academic courses. Talk to your Academic Advisor or Program Advisor about other possible situations. For more information, please see the ESL Regulations program overview.

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