TRU Science

Computing Science

Many of the technologies we enjoy today (the Internet, mobile devices, 3D worlds) were created by computing scientists. As a future computing scientist, you could create technology that improves society or changes the world.

Bachelor of Computing Science

Ladder into this program from a computing science diploma or certificate, or transfer credits from another program. Students with employment experience may also receive credits. Students can take electives from any area. » Learn More

Computing Science Diploma

Learn about the application of computers to the solution of business-related problems. The academic training combines technical and computer skills with communication and business skills. » Learn More

Bachelor of Science (major in computing science)

This four-year degree program provides broad training in science and mathematics (concentrated in the first two years), and a thorough training in computing science (concentrated in the last two years). » Learn More

Bachelor of Computing Science and Bachelor Business Administration double degree

Earn both the BCS and BBA degrees in just five years. Students must meet the requirements of both programs but many core and elective courses can be double counted for both degrees. » Learn More

BSc minor in computing science

Complete a minor in computing science by completing the following courses: MATH 1700, COMP 1130, 1230, 2230, and 18 upper level (3000-4000 level) credits (six courses). » Learn More

BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics combined major

Study both computing science and mathematics in depth. Students who complete this program will have the combined computer and mathematics skills to be successful in both industry and academic environments. » Learn More

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Learn to apply engineering principles to computer software. Gain technical knowledge and skills in how to design, develop, maintain, test and evaluate software. » Learn More

Opportunities for students

Co-operative education allows students to put what they learn into practice in the real world. Students gain valuable industry experiences and establish networking with future employers. Our grads have been hired by many big companies, including SAP, IBM, BlackBerry, Telus, HSBC, Highland Valley Copper, and Visual Statement — to name a few.

Careers for graduates

Jobs are available in very diverse fields (for example business, healthcare, natural resources, entertainment, to name a few) in small or large companies. Some graduates pursue their own interests through self-employment or becoming entrepreneurs.