TRU Science

Fast Track Stream

If you already have completed some post-secondary science courses, an associate of science degree, or a Bachelor of Science within the last five years and would like accelerated access by directly entering the second year of the RT Diploma, the fast-track option is for you.

In the fast-track option, you will directly enter year two of the diploma program after successfully completing three online courses over the summer, as well as a medical terminology course. There are six courses per semester in the first year. From September to October, as a fast-track student, you will have additional labs to complete—equaling an extra three to four hours per week. These labs are related to the distance RESP 1781 course and are usually completed by the beginning of November.

The clinical internship is completed in your final—or second—year.

Year 2 (September - April) Clinical Year (June - April)
6 courses /semester Clinical courses