TRU Science

Centre for Optimization and Data Science

The Centre for Optimization and Data Science at Thompson Rivers University is an intellectual hub to foster multi-disciplinary research and to enhance the quality of research, not only in the theoretical study of optimization and decision-making science, as well as applications of optimization to real-world problems.

In addition we work with public and private sector organizations to establish mathematical models for their operations in order to develop optimal solutions.

Mission and objectives

The mission of the Centre for Optimization and Data Science (CODS) is to expand the boundaries of knowledge of optimization and decision-making through interdisciplinary research, development and innovation of quantitative approaches applied to complex systems.

The objectives of the Centre for Optimization and Data Science are:

  • To bring together a strong team for solving real world problems with a combination of mathematical modeling, computational approaches and theoretic studies, thus promoting optimization techniques for interdisciplinary applications such as industrial operations, communication networks, social systems and eco systems;
  • To raise awareness of the research activities of the group in industry, in the research community nationally and internationally, and in the community, with a goal to strengthen TRU’s reputation as a destination institution;
  • To provide a platform to increase research productivity and to facilitate collaborations within TRU;
  • To provide a platform for the training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) by hosting post-doctoral fellows, visiting professors, as well as creating opportunities for undergraduate research;
  • To host events that would bring together researchers at TRU, and others from institutions in Canada and around the world, who are working at applied optimization and decision-making science; and
  • To generate further funding opportunities relevant to optimization and decision-making science by leveraging existing research expertise and capacity at TRU.