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Program Costs

Priority Health Program Student Recruitment and Retention Grant

The value of the non-refundable grant is set at $2,000 per program year per eligible participant. Only program years (not prerequisite years) are eligible.

The total maximum value of this grant per student over the duration of their program is $4,000 (fast-track) or $6,000

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Use our Cost Calculator to determine tuition.

In addition to tuition costs* and university fees, and text book costs (about $500 per semester), students should budget for the following expenses (subject to change):

  • CSRT costs — students are encouraged to join the CSRT early in the first year to receive all the three-year benefits. Cost is $100.
  • Certification exam — clinical year students are required to pay a $900 fee during the last semester for their national certification exam.
  • Relocation — students must be prepared to relocate to the Lower Mainland, Victoria or Kelowna for all or part of their clinical year.
  • MEd costs are separate from the RT program.

*Academic years consist of two semesters, but a clinical year consists of three semesters