TRU Science

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics is studied for its beauty and elegance, but a degree in mathematics also opens the door to a huge variety of interesting and lucrative career options. Our faculty members are committed to teaching excellence and student success.

Bachelor of Science majors

  • Mathematics

Also available:

  • Computing science and mathematics combined
  • Economics and mathematics combined
  • Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a major in mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a major in mathematics
  • Minor in mathematics (in conjunction with another major)
  • Double major in mathematics and another discipline

It is also possible to obtain a general Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in mathematics.

Opportunities for students

Our majors participate in seminars and do independent study and honors research projects with faculty members. There are scholarships specifically designated for mathematics majors. The department also employs students as tutors in the Math Centre and for summer research projects. Annual events include the prestigious International Putnam Exam, and the regional finals of the BC Secondary School Math Contest hosted by our faculty and students.

Careers for graduates

Many of the highest-earning careers, including statistician and actuary, have a background in mathematics. Other careers related to mathematics include engineers, doctors, nurses and computer scientist. Analytical and problem-solving skills learned in mathematics are applicable to many disciplines.