TRU Science

Facilities and Resources

The department includes three main laboratories, all of which are outfitted with up-to-date computers and lab software at every work station. Research and upper-level labs are supplied with specialized electronic, acoustic, optics and holography equipment such as a multi-channel analyzer, optical table, evaporator and ellipsometer. All our laboratories allow for data analysis, word processing and on-line access.

The TRU Observatory (completed in spring 2005) is located on the roof of the International Building (situated on the same site as the original observatory that had been built in 1972), and houses a 14" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector telescope. The department owns a CCD camera that can be attached to the telescope and used to record images. There is an outdoor observation platform that allows for set-up of smaller, portable telescopes. The department also has a solar telescope with its main mirrors located on the roof of the Science Building connected to an observation area inside.

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Student resources

The physics students at TRU maintain an active physics club. Activities include fundraising events, field trips, and the operation of a physics help centre, the focus of which is to provide additional assistance to first and second year students taking physics courses.

Students in a senior year are also eligible to apply for laboratory teaching assistant positions. Contact the physics chairperson for more information.

TRU Physics Lab

Physics lab

TRU Observatory