TRU Science

Diploma / Master of Education

Take two programs simultaneously—the Respiratory Therapy Diploma and Master of Education (MEd).

The respiratory therapy curriculum fulfils the professional requirements needed to become a respiratory therapist while the Master's prepares educational leaders and capable researchers for a variety of roles in education, health care, private industry and government. The MEd offers thesis, final project or capstone course options.

The costs for this option are based on the costs related to each individual program.

If you are interested in this option, you must:

When applying, please indicate on your application “RT/MEd stream.” The application deadline for this option is Feb. 1. There are limited seats available. For more information, contact the Academic Coordinator.

Please note: Admission to the RT/MEd option does not equate to admission in the fast-track option. Acceptance into the fast-track option allows you to enter the clinical year after completing one year at TRU. However, acceptance into the RT/MEd options allows you to enter the clinical year after completing at least two years at TRU. If you change your academic/career path—for example, you decide to pursue only the RT Diploma and not the MEd—you can’t switch into the fast-track option until you have applied for that program option and you are not guaranteed a seat in the fast-track option.